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Submitted by admin on
Hot rods have had a large impact on the history of the American automobile, starting as a racing fad through the "rebel' generation, and later on through today, the hobby and collecting generations. The path of the hot rod even branched out into three different sections in the 1950's thanks to technology, changing the future of hot rodding. Here is the story.
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Submitted by Daniel Fehn on
After years of visiting the MSRA Back to the Fifties show in St. Paul, MN I decided I should start organizing some of my favorite pictures out of the nearly 1000 I take each year. With nearly 12,000 autos there each year, there is always something new to see, and some cars I have seen nearly every year I have visited the show.
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Submitted by Daniel Fehn on
The definition of a rat rod is a newer built hot rod designed to resemble early hot rods from the 1930's through 1950's. Function overrides looks with rat rods, as they are built to look unfinished, usually painted with primer only, or just left rusted. Although looks are not a priority, they can be considered art in itself and many designers do take time and effort into making their rat rod look unique. Often the look is exaggerated for fun, with brand new wheels on a rusty ride or using a beer bottle for the radiator overflow container.
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