Top 10 Custom Cars - 2012 MSRA Back to the 50's Show

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Top 10 Custom Cars
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There seemed to be a lot less custom cars at this years show than other years. The same with rat rods. I don't think the fad is over or there were less, it is just with so many cars I wasn't able to see every one of them.

#10 ) 1950 Mercury Misty Blue

This leadsled has a chopped Carson top, full race flathead engine, and is lowered, making for a truly custom look. This was my first time seeing this car at the show this year, and I hope it is there again next year where I can get more detailed photos.

# 9 ) Unknown Beauty

With 12,000 cars at this show and nearly 1000 photos I took, I honestly don't remember seeing this car. As I was sorting my pictures I realized this is a pretty remarkable car and had to include it in the list.

# 8 ) Another Unknown

Another one of the unknowns, I could not find the owner of this car around to get more details, and I didn't see anything on the label. But the color combo is what really caught my eye.

# 7 ) Custom Ford Thunderbird

This customized Ford Thunderbird is awesome, at first I was wondering why you would do this to an already beautiful car, but it grew on me quickly. Restoring through customization = AWESOME!

# 6 ) 1952 Chevy Custom

This is one of those paint jobs that is "chameleon" like, changing colors depending on the angle you are looking at it. My little niece called it the "rainbow" car. Sometimes these paint jobs don't look that good, but this one was perfect. It also helps the sun was out in full force that day.

# 5 ) 1962 Chrysler 300

Here is another car where I wondered at first why you would custom paint an old classic, but it actually looks great. I guess since it isn't a very rare 300 letter car, I'll let it go.

# 4 ) Rebel Rouser

I see this car every year at this show, but it is always driving and I have never been able to find it parked anywhere to talk to the owners. As you can see compared to the people in the picture, the car is tiny, probably 1/2 to 1/3 of a normal size.

# 3 ) Raise the Roof

This cars roof is sloped up, making for a very unique look. It was prked by the Ghostbusters Eccomobile so it didn't get a lot of attention, except from me.

# 2 ) 409 Merc

This is a true beauty, a lowered Mercury with a rolltop roof and a beautiful paint job. The inset white walled tires with the white striped body completes this unique ride.

# 1 ) 1962 Tbird

This was my ultimate favorite custom car I saw over the weekend, another custom Thunderbird. I always like unbadged custom cars where you can tell what model it is, yet you have to stop and think for a second before determining.

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